Who is Rose’ (ROSAY) ?

Expression of Rose’

I finally decided to do something which was quite overdue. I have been talking about it for a year now.

So, today is the day when I am going to write about Rose’ (ROSAY). Now, who is Rose’? What is she? Where did she come from? And most importantly why Rose’?

Rose’ is simply a girl with an exponential amount of dreams and desires. She is a women of-course; she is anything but not simple. Only that extra factor makes even ordinary an extra-ordinary.

She is a woman with all shades of colors. With time and circumstances comes out every color, it could be red for love, blue for poison, purple for power, white for innocence etc. She keeps unfolding herself from time to time which is even surprising for her; let’s just forget what it is like for the people around her. She is her own Hero and Villain. You can imagine, she is the center of her world. She is strong. She is Bold. She is scared. She is a Fighter. She is a Winner and a Loser.

She is also Stubborn like hell, which keeps making her move on.

Now coming to what she is? She is my most loved character. She is someone who gives me my wings. Her signature marks are her Broken Nose, Nose Ring, and Five Bangles.

Where did she come from? Is my little secret, which I will disclose when the time is right.

Till then, let us see what comes next.

RADHIKA (Art By Radhika)