What comes to your mind when you think to build more elements in your house to get that contemporary yet classic look, maybe an art piece like a painting?

Art is in the eye of the beholder. It informs the mood, you can tell a lot about somebody by the books they read, if they have a library, and you can do the same by looking at the painting on their walls.

What story do you want to tell in your space? and when you look at that space, does it make you happy?

nowadays, guests like to walk around a home and look at the art and comment on it and ask questions about it? who painted it? what does it mean?

It can set the theme for a room and either makes or breaks it. So, wouldn’t you want to put a brightly colored painting in a bedroom? most of us do want, but observing the challenges around we note, that sometimes the great art forms do not match with the emotions and personality of people, so they let it go.

Here ART BY RADHIKA come to the rescue, offering customized art as per the needs and space of the clients. Creates the mood for a room from colors, giving it a life and interest by layering textures, fabrics, patterns which just blends in that space making it look complimentary.

So let the art wash the dust of daily life off our souls, let it portray who we are, what happened to us and how our lives are affected.

TANISHA SAMANIYA (Blogger for Art By Radhika)